Jonathan Moyo Castigates Mnangagwa For ‘Arrogance’ And Contempt Of The People

Jonathan Moyo (SABC News)

Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo said that President Mnangagwa showed contempt towards the people by maintaining that the 12 January fuel hike was justified. In a series of Tweets, Moyo wrote:

1/10 The fact that you start by ARROGANTLY declaring that your midnight hike of fuel prices on 12 January WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO demonstrates your contempt for the people & misunderstanding of your constitutional duty to protect citizens on whom executive authority is derived!

2/10 The measures you announced on 12 January, WAS THE WRONG THING TO DO. The measures were & are irresponsible & had the instant impact of impoverishing the citizens & destroying their livelihoods. By dint of those measures, you abdicated your duty under s90 of the Constitution!

3/10 You’re wrong. The citizens were outraged by your WRONG measures. They put your administration on notice that they would exercise their s59 constitutional right to protest on 14 January. You had a legal duty to enable the citizens to exercise their right but you badly failed!

4/10 Aware the citizens would protest on 14 January, instead of enabling them to protest peacefully, you unconstitutionally unleashed lethally armed soldiers, police, CIO agents & ZanuPF militia to provoke & terrorize citizens in the streets, public places & even in their homes!

5/10 It has become your modus operandi to use lethally armed soldiers for law enforcement. This is against domestic & international law. The Motlanthe Commission advised you on this but sadly its advice fell on your deaf ears. The army is an arm of war, not of law enforcement!

6/10 The wanton killings, brutal torture, rape & gruesome maiming of citizens with no access to treatment along with the internal displacement of persons & the siege of their homes, under the cover of an illegal Internet shutdown by your administration, were planned & systematic!

7/10 The savage violence against the people from 14 to 21 January, which includes 6 days when citizens were not on the streets, was by the Army, Police, CIO agents & Zanu-PF gangs who targeted your perceived political opponents. It was POLITICAL CLEANSING, a crime against humanity!

8/10 No. No. ARE YOU SINCERE by calling for NATIONAL DIALOGUE? If you are, why is the call coming from your @Twitter ghost writers? Why did you not say so at the airport on your arrival this morning? Why did you not say it to @ZBCNewsonline & @HeraldZimbabwe travelling with you?

9/10 While your ghost @Twitter writers call for national dialogue, your OFFICIAL SPOKESMAN, #GeorgeCharamba, has OFFICIALLY announced on your behalf that the savage violence against the citizens by your security forces was JUSTIFIED & is a “FORETASTE OF THINGS TO COME”. Dialogue?

10/10 The call for national dialogue on a fake @Twitter account run by ghostwriters is fake. What’s worse is that, as THE CAUSE OF THE CRISIS, you’ve lost the neutrality, credibility & constitutional legitimacy to INVITE anyone to any dialogue. Only neutral brokers can do that!

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