Jonathan Moyo boasts of closing down Radio 3 and newspapers

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has refuted allegations that he was involved in the destruction of the Zimbabwean radio during his time as Minister of Information.

In a Twitter debate on Monday Moyo said, “I was not the first or only minister of information. When I was appointed in July 2000, ZBC was dead and sinking into the abyss of debt and unable to pay for broadcasting rights for foreign content such as UEFA or BPL!”

Mangwiro Nobert@mangwiron

I still find it hard to believe, the way Jonathan Moyo decimated Radio3 & 1. Whose interests was he serving?

RIP “PJ your DJ”

Prof Jonathan Moyo


I was proudly serving the interests of the younger generation, the generation, that Radio 3 nonsense where DJs thought the station belonged to them, and played music as if they were with DJ Biscuit at Circus Nightclub, had to go and go it went; now it’s history!

When Twitter users accused him of banning radio DJs from playing international music, Moyo said, “I hear you. But no professional radio station would allow DJs to carry their own beats. It’s terrible. Then the 75% international music quota bled #ZBC by creating a huge forex bill for royalties. Collection agencies & lawyers attached ZBC properties, including vehicles. Awful!

“Radio 3 DJs used to play THEIR OWN music, from the singles & albums in the bags they carried. They did not play THE STATION’S music. Those with international connections used to have the best playlists & would boast about it. There was PAYOLA. The setup was just unprofessional!”

Moyo is credited for pioneering 75% local content which saw the rise of many local artists who got airplay at the national stations.

Source – Byo24