Jacob Mafume brushes off Khupe dialogue bait, says to proceed with planned congress

Jacob Mafume

THE disputed Nelson Chamisa led MDC has dismissed calls by breakaway ex-Vice President Thokozani Khupe for the two rival factions to find each other in the wake of a recent court ruling that delegitimised Chamisa’s leadership.

The High Court last week issued the shock court ruling that could potentially break the mainstream MDC and further ruin Chamisa’s hopes of ever ruling Zimbabwe.

Following the ruling that restored the leadership of MDC in the hands of Khupe, the only elected of the three MDC VPs, two of whom were appointed in 2016, the ex-deputy prime minister took the moment to urge her erstwhile allies to swallow their pride and close ranks with her.

But this has been rubbished by the MDC, whose is the disputed spokesperson Jacob Mafume said was a remote possibility.

“She is having dialogue with (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and Zanu PF and that’s the dialogue she should conclude,” Mafume told NewZimbabwe.com Monday.

“There is no dialogue that we are going to have with Khupe. There is no dialogue that is necessary. She runs her own party, we run our own party and she must stick to it.”

The court ruling delivered by Justice Edith Mushore declared the appointment of Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri by late founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai as contrary to the MDC constitution.

Court also ordered the MDC to revert back to its 2014 structure and call for an extra-ordinary congress to replace Tsvangirai within a month.

However, Mafume said the now MDC Alliance was, instead, proceeding with a planned congress slated for later this month during which Chamisa is to assume substantive leadership of the party.

On Saturday, Khupe said as a “mature leader”, she was calling on all parties mentioned in the court ruling for a dialogue on how they could follow the orders.

She warned that if that arrangement failed, she was going to seek legal remedies.

“The party is moving forward with its congress and will not be deterred by political day-dreaming,” Mafume said.

“We don’t want people who want to divert people from real issues that are affecting Zimbabweans. Leadership of the MDC is not the problem but leadership of the country.

“Chamisa is in the hearts and minds of the MDC membership.”

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