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It Is God’s Plan For Me To Be President: Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday told thousands of Zion Christian Church (ZCC) congregants that it was always God’s plan for him to become president. Mnangagwa also urged people to put God at the forefront of their plans as we were in a new dispensation. Speaking at the ZCC Easter conference at Mbungo Estates, Bikita, Mnangagwa said,

We are now in a new dispensation and we have a new Government, but it is all because of God’s plan for this country. Like Christ, after His resurrection, we also now have a new life, but it is all God’s planning. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, but God knows everyone’s future.

It is God’s plan for me to be President. It was in God’s plan that I was going to eat poison and survive; become a border-jumper and survive. It is God’s plan to be where I am here today. We do not know about tomorrow. It is all God’s planning.

…For this country to develop and prosper, we need to put God first. The Bible says if you build without involving the Hand of God, you would have done nothing. Let us build a new Zimbabwe-born out of the recently-ushered new dispensation.

Let us preach love, peace and forgiveness for God to bless our nation. Let us build a new Zimbabwe, and I am sure if we are united, we can build a prosperous and peaceful nation.