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I am not going anywhere, says Mohadi

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HARARE – Embattled Vice President Kembo Mohadi says he is not going anywhere following allegations of having different  affairs with women  inclusive of   married women, of his aids who work at his office.

Addressing the media Mohadi said the alleged sex scandal is designed to force his to leave office.

“I have grown impatient about these people (digital media). The allegations leveled against me are not only false but well choreographed to demean, to condescend, soil my image as a national leader and as a patriot of this country.”

He said, “I wish to clearly state that I’m a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning. Despite the density of the allegations being leveled against me, I salute the support I’m getting from fellow citizens, colleagues and comrades who fully grasp the rigid complexity of the concocted attacks. It is against this backdrop that I’m categorically distancing myself from the imagined immoral behavior.

“I remain a committed leader, father, cadre and servant of this great nation. So, nothing is going to change because all this is concocted to tarnish my image. If anything is going to happen it is going to be His Excellency who will determine my future.”

Source – Byo24