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G40 pushes for inclusive government

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EXILED former Zanu-PF officials, who were hounded out of the country at the height of the military coup in 2017, have called for an inclusive government to stabilise the ship, saying the present government has no capacity to rescue the country from the current mess.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, former Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi said the new ideas they represented would never die even if they were in exile.

He also rubbished claims by Zanu-PF that G40 elements had infiltrated ruling party structures by sponsoring candidates for the district co-ordinating committee (DCC) elections in order to regain lost ground.

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu on Monday claimed that the group was active on the ground and sponsoring their candidates, adding that the security of the party was on high alert.

Mzembi said an inclusive arrangement was the only viable option for Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe’s answer lies in the inclusive government, where you now harness all skills and potential to get better results. We tried it in 2009 and everyone now reminisces of the period, but if you say you won an election and are, therefore, entitled to benefit with my followers, to benefit when the country has over 14 million people, four million voters and only two million voting for you, there is a problem,” he said.

“If I were to meet my brother (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa, this is the advice I would give him. This is what (the late former President Robert) Mugabe used to do, bringing his enemies closer. He knew that in Cabinet there were people who wanted his position, some who did not agree with him, but people worked,” he added.

On claims they were actively involved in the DCC elections, Mzembi said: “We advanced an argument with the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa, we told them we had a dispute with those people. If you deny it to the ANC, it always has a way to manifest in DCC. You can deny it and claim that you vanquished G40, but what would you do if you are approached with guns, you take cover. But the mobilisation will not take cover, the software of G40 which is the grassroots will not take cover and it is very much intact. It is inherent in Zanu-PF.”

He said Mnangagwa made a mistake of being vindictive with the young people in Zanu-PF who would “put on their thinking hats” and decided to please people who aided him to power, hence the challenges he is facing.

Another exiled G40 member, speaking on condition he is not named, said: “They have G40s in their bedrooms. G40 is the party. Simple! All the threats against persecuted members and allegations of undermining the party are far-fetched and childish. The party is very young and the majority are G40s. It’s evident that the cabal is ignoring the truth.

“Elections anytime within the party, the young will prevail. Guns don’t win DCC elections. Threats don’t wear party regalia. Persecution of comrades will not break the determination to reclaim the party to basics. Restore legitimacy and democracy within the party and all will be sorted.”

Source – newsday