Former VP Joice Mujuru caught up in Mnangagwa impeachment bid

Joice Mujuru

Former Vice President Joyce Mujuru’s name has been dragged into ZANU PF intraparty squabbles with her sympathisers still in the ruling party accused of championing the agenda to oust president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mujuru’s sympathisers who were spared the axe when she was dismissed from the ruling party are reportedly entertaining calls by opposition MDC legislators to impeach Mnangagwa in Parliament.

ZANU PF has reportedly deployed party political commissar, Victor Matemadanda, to Mashonaland Central Province to investigate some legislators reportedly conniving with opposition.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, an unnamed source said:

They are working with the former minister of Transport Nicholas Goche who was dropped by the former President Robert Mugabe for being a Mujuru loyalist.

Goche also vowed that he will never work with Mnangagwa and now the MPs are always seen in his company.

The sources added that there were audio recordings of meetings held by those pushing for Mnangagwa’s demise.

Tendai Nyabani,  Kenneth Musanhi, Oscar Gorerino and Sydney Chidamba are some of the legislators accused of working with MDC MPs.

Matemadanda reportedly confirmed with Zim Morning Post that indeed there was a conspiracy to overthrow the president. He said that the party had spies everywhere who informed them of every plot against the president.

Matemadanda, however, did not reveal the consequences to those implicated in the plot.

These reports echo recent reports suggesting that ZANU PF bigwigs who were opposed to Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption drive were planning his demise.

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