‘Donors shun Chamisa’s unstructured party’

Nelson Chamisa

Former MDC Masvingo urban lawmaker and member of Returness4ED Tongai Matutu has sensationally claimed that the opposition CCC led by Nelson Chamisa has suffer a major blow after losing all its major donors.

Matutu, who has been on a crusade of mobilizing opposition members to defect to ZANU PF also revealed that Democratic Union of Zimbabwe leader Robert Chapman was promised to contest on behalf of the united opposition parties pact in 2023.

Read his unedited twitter thread below:

With these mass defections, its the end of the road for Chamisa’s CCC. Without structures & most importantly sponsors the CCC wont survive longer than June 2023 as broke as it is now. Chamisa lost all the sponsors after loosing to Zanu Pf in 2018 in a free & fair election.

The sponsors: Robert Chapman formed his own party after being denied the CCC presidency as per our 2018 agreement. Jonathan Moyo, Mandi Chimene and Patrick Zhuwawo rejoined Zanu Pf after realizing this was only child’s play. Grace Mugabe simply vanished after RGM’s death.

Kasukuwere and Walter Mzembi now have their own presidential aspirations rather funding the warring CCC cult. The Open Society foundation of George Soros withdrew its funding when Chamisa lost the supreme court ruling of 2020

Lastly the USAID and the National Endowment For Democracy openly announced the withdrawal of funding to the CCC and over 200 of its affiliates(NGOs) following the PVO amendments recently passed by the government

Source – Byo24

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