Did MDC-T bus people from Harare to Bulawayo?

MDC-T VP Obert Gutu

Former MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu has claimed that his former party is practising delusional politics. Gutu has been taking potshots at his former comrades since he was expelled from the party

together with former Vice President Thokozani Khupe.  The former spokesperson said that the results of the 2018 elections will prove that Nelson Chamisa’s party is into fake politics of bussing people to rallies. Writing on Twitter, Gutu said,

We believe in and practise Realpolitik…We don’t deceive ourselves by indulging in self – delusion and self – deception. Election 2018 results will confirm who are the FAKE politicians and who are the REAL politicians….

$50 000 spent on bussing people to Byo (Bulawayo)….We pursue Realpolitik….not self – delusion and self – deception.  Results of Election 2018 will confirm who are the FAKE and who are the REAL politicians…

We practise Realpolitik, not FAKE and DELUSIONAL politics.  Just get in touch with me when the results of the 2018 Presidential elections are announced.  Let’s see who will be mourning and complaining.

Source: Pindula