Cross-border trader offers ZW$210,000 to MDC Alliance

Chalton Hwende

A Sandton-based businessman has offered to pay ZW$210,000 into the coffers of the MDC Alliance led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

The businessman, who has interests in engineering, safaris and construction, will pay membership fees for 3,500 supporters as the MDC Alliance yesterday launched its new look website where Zimbabwean based supporters are paying ZW$60 per year as subscription fees.

The good news was revealed by the party’s Secretary-General Chalton Hwende. He said that the subscriptions will help the party set up structures in rural areas where Zanu-PF enjoys unfettered control.

“One businessman based in SA has just called me to offer to pay membership fee for 35 branches in rural areas to help us with our rural penetration strategy each branch has 100 members so he will pay for 3500 members $210 000rtgs.

The man who used to be former President Robert Mugabe supporter on social media, only identified as Ernst, has offered to hand over $210,000 worth of subscription funds to MDC Alliance

“Let’s adopt rural branches and help the Party,” Hwende revealed.

Treasurer-General David Coltart on Monday told the Zimbabwe Voice that the annual subscription fees being already paid on the website will be put to good, accountable use while the personal data of supporters was safe from hackers and intruders.

“We have secured the website and hosted it outside the country. The same applies to where monies will be deposited.

“Everything is in the party name – MDC Alliance, and we assure our valued supporters and well wishers that their details and private information which they will leave on the website is safe and secure,” said Senator Coltart.

The website, with the domain name, went live last night at 20.00 hours, and eagerly awaiting supporters immediately logged in, paid their annual membership fees and posted screenshots on social media to encourage others to do the same.

There are three types of membership the website offers:

  • Zimbabwe, which comes with a ZW$60 annual subscription fee. One may apply for Zimbabwe membership if they are permanently resident and only work and reside in Zimbabwe. Fees Are Strictly in Zimbabwe dollar;
  • Africa (excluding Zimbabwe), which comes with annual subscription of US$20. One may apply for Africa membership if they are permanently resident and mainly work and live in any country in Africa outside of Zimbabwe; and
  • Rest of World (excluding Africa), for which the annual subscription fee is US$70. One may apply for World membership if they are permanently resident and mainly work and live in any country outside of Africa.

For local membership, supporters have payment options which include EcoCash and bank transfers. An option is also available for members to visit their nearest branch and complete the registration formalities, including cash payments.

There are three types of membership options, depending on place of residence of the supporter.

Those in the diaspora may pay for their membership using the usual international payment options such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Decision tree for registration to be a member of the MDC Alliance

The website also has in-built plug-ins for social updates such as real-time coronavirus updates for Zimbabwe and other regions. There is also feature to display the party’s upcoming events and programmes as well as the party’s official statements and press releases.

Senator Coltart said the membership drive was targeted at making the MDC Alliance a 1 million membership party, the goal being to recruit a million paid up members by December 2020.

“As we look ahead to the elections in 2023 we have three financial goals as a party. Firstly, to make the MDC Alliance a million member party. In 2018 our President Nelson Chamisa won 2,6 million votes in the presidential elections.

“We have a goal to get at least one million of those who voted as signed up and paid up members.  By becoming a member, you are demonstrating your support and helping us to bring change and build a brighter future for Zimbabwe.

“We would like to encourage you to sign up as members Now. Then please tell your friends and family in Zimbabwe and across the world to sign up and be part of the change! Be part of the Million Member MDC-A and play your part in bringing change in Zimbabwe.

“We are asking you to sign up now for the whole year up to 31st December 2020.   Once your application and payment are received and verified you will receive your MDC-A Party Card.” – Zimbabwe Voice