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‘Chamisa will never rule Zimbabwe’ – Minister

MDC Deputy President Nelson Chamisa
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MASVINGO— Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Ezra Chadzamira has castigated MDC leader Nelson Chamisa saying he will never lead Zimbabwe because he is in bed with the enemy.

Speaking at Zanu PF victory celebrations in Ward 17, Chivi Central Constituency over the weekend, Chadzamira said Chamisa will never make it to the State House because Zanu PF will rule forever.

We are trying to better the lives of our people but this small boy (Chamisa), who is in bed with the enemy is the problem.

I will tell Chamisa today that this country will never be run by an opposition. Zanu PF will rule forever,” said Chadzamira.

Chadzamira said all opposition supporters should wake up and realise that there is future in Zanu PF rather than be misled by Chamisa.

I want to tell all opposition supporters that there is future in Zanu PF. They should come back and join the winning team rather than to be associated with losers.

“Zanu PF will always rule over the opposition while they cry all the time,” said Chadzamira.

Chadzamira said the founder of the MDC the late Morgan Tsvangirai tried to fight Zanu PF and he died before realising the dream.

Tsvangirai tried but he failed. He died before he could lead this country. What more can a little boy like Chamisa do that was failed by his mentor? He is chewing more than he can swallow.

Zimbabwe is for Zanu PF and opposition supporters will find themselves voting for Zanu PF when they get into the voting booths. That is how good Zanu PF is,” said Chadzamira.

Chivi has been hit hard by drought with many households in need of food aid and Chadzamira donated 15 tonnes of rice saying more was coming. Source: Zimbabwe Morning Post