Chamisa welcomes South Africa to mediate between him and Mnangagwa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says his party is ready to welcome the South African government to mediate between ZANU PF and MDC to find a lasting solution to the challenges affecting the country.

Chamisa was responding to the statements by the South African Minister of International Relations Naledi Pandor who said the country is ready to mediate between the two parties.

Said Chamisa, “For months now, we have been asking our African brothers and sisters to look into the man-made governance crisis in Zimbabwe & help us restore the dignity of citizens. We are heartened by Minister Pandor’s correct diagnosis of the major problem in Zimbabwe as toxic politics

“We in the MDC stand ready to welcome South Africa and SADC’s mediation in Zimbabwe to end the suffering that has gone on for far too long, and give our people hope. In the face of provocation and persecution, our commitment to a sustainable, peaceful outcome has not shirked.”

Chamisa further urged the South African government to assist by raising the funds to support the suffering doctors who have been on an industrial action for more than two months.

“Dr Pandor has called for “practical solutions”. I wish to plead with SA, in the interim, to help set up a donor fund for our people from which we can pay our doctors a decent wage. There is a silent genocide in hospitals which cannot wait for politicians to find each other.”

The MDC has insisted that it is ready to dialogue with Mnangagwa if the dialogue is convened by a credible convenor.

Source – Byo24