Chamisa pledges a better Zimbabwe

MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa. Picture: TIMESLIVE

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has promised to lead Zimbabweans to a prosperity saying that the country has everything it needs but lacks leadership.

Writing on Twitter Chamisa said, “It is leadership. This country has everything needed for prosperity and greatness. We have phenomenal goodwill globally upon fantastic human and natural resources locally. The turnaround will be quick and smart. We have low hanging fruits and easy wins. Lead we shall!”

In his heroes day message Chamisa said the liberation war heroes did not die for Zimbabwe to be in poverty.

“Our liberation heroes..None of the true pioneers, icons and actors of our liberation struggle fought for a life without bread, electricity, cash, jobs and fuel. Those who led, fought and supported the struggle didn’t sacrifice for this pain. Lets restore our dignity. The suffering must end!”Chamisa added.

MDC has called for a massive nationwide protests on the 16th, 19th and 20th of August.

The state is yet to respond to the application that the opposition party sent to notify them of the demos.

A year after the historic elections in Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration continues to pursue an ambitious reform agenda. But challenges abound following Robert Mugabe’s nearly four-decade rule.