Chamisa not eligible for a runoff due to presser before Elections, says Charamba

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is no longer eligible to be part of a runoff election should one be required after the 30 July voting, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has said.

Charamba said in a tweet that Chamisa had disqualified himself by campaigning during a restricted period:

If none of the candidates secure +50% of vote, I can’t see ZEC conducting a run-off if Chamisa is one of the 2 leading candidates. This is thanks to his breach of Para 7 of the 4th Schedule of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] which effectively renders him ineligible for a run-off

Chamisa held a press conference in the afternoon of 29 July which was against the regulations of the Electoral Act. However Emmerson Mnangagwa also sent out a video decampaigning Chamisa with accusations of working with Robert Mugabe.

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