Chamisa blasts MDC founder Sekai Holland

Nelson Chamisa

HARARE – The beleaguered president of the opposition MDC, advocate Nelson Chamisa has posted pictures of party founding member, Sekai Holland and constitutional law expert, Professor Lovemore Madhuku.

The post which presents Holland and Madhuku is a bad state after clashing with State police.

Sekai Holland is a victim of torture after she was arrested, beaten and tortured as she was campaigning for the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe in 2007.

Fast forward to 2019, Holland claimed that some of the reported abductions were stage-managed. In a statement on Sunday, Holland who is National Peace Trust (NPT) board of trustees chairperson said:

Some of these statements border on falsehoods, misinformation and outright malice and have the potential to further derail current fragile multiple peacebuilding initiatives in Zimbabwe, a new and healthy feature which the NPT treasure, after the 52 years of Zimbabweans fear of one another and the painful silence our society has endured.

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