Biti raises ballot stuffing fears at MDC Congress

Tendai Biti

The race for MDC vice presidency at a party congress currently underway in Gweru will likely come down to one bruising political fight for the job between Tendai Biti and Morgen Komichi.

Top party sources told Sunday that former secretary general Welshman Ncube will likely be “allowed to win” in order to manage the ethnic balance.

“Ncube will be allowed to win somehow. It will be a disaster if he were not to and the party would not want to be sucked into that sticky situation.

“This leaves one slot for the vice presidency meaning Biti and Komichi with (Elias) Mudzuri, a distant outsider,” insiders said.

“Komichi has remained loyal to the party and president (Nelson Chamisa). He probably deserves it but capacity wise, Biti is way ahead but very ambitious. It’s a political banana skin for both the party and president.”

During a briefing session early Sunday, Biti expressed concern regarding the process.

“What safeguards have you (independent election commission) put in place to make sure there is no ballot stuffing,” the former party secretary general said.