Zimbabwe Presidential Guard Commander suspended over shooting at State House

Samson Murombo

The Commander of One Presidential Guard Samson Murombo has been suspended over a shooting that happened in State house on Wednesday Professor Jonathan Moyo has said.

Moyo who broke the story of the shooting revealed that, “The Commander of One Presidential Guard Infantry Battalion at State House, Lt Col Samson Murombo, has been suspended from duty over the State House shooting incident, for which he’s being blamed. He’s been replaced by Col Chicha. Murombo is of the Auxillia audio fame!”

On  Wednesday Moyo said the soldier Private Mangadu  was arrested when he  emptied his magazine firing in the air at State House.

He was arrested as he was reloading. He complained of hardships and saying he can’t survive in dead economy.

Moyo further revealed Magandu was,” interviewed by Lt Col  Murombo, detained at KGVI; tortured and deprived of sleep for alleged links with opposition and foreigners; ranted that “men in suits get all the money but real army gets nothing”. He was sent for psychiatric evaluation this morning!”

The government has not spoken out regarding the matter.

Source – Byo24

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