‘We are not afraid of you’, MDC warned as intra-party violence escalates

Nelson Chamisa

HARARE – MDC leader Nelso Chamisa’s loyalist and Human Rights activist Dr Pedzisai Runhanya has told MDC activists that he is not afraid of them and he will not stop criticising them if they follow the same undemocratic actions done by the ruling ZANU PF.

“Deluded MDC wannabes think that we are born to criticise ZANU PF for bad governance, corruption, mediocrity, incompetence,” Ruhanya said. “When they copy the same rotten things, they think we should laugh at them. We criticise ZANU PF with guns; what about you with no security guards. Nonsense!”

Ruhanya added that the recent political upheaval happening in the Bulawayo City Council was a clear sign of insubordination on the part of the Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami.

“Fellow citizens, get me correct here; even if the Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo was acting, he was not supposed to create such as a political storm in the absence of his principle. A decision of that nature needed the authority of the Mayor of Bulawayo. The buck stops with Mayor!

“MDC controlled Harare City Council appears to know its mission. I am impressed by Mayor Gomba, his team that includes lawyer Mafume’s work to provide services such as clinics in informal sectors, formal houses in the emerging political, social bases where the poor live!

“MDC deputy mayor of Bulawayo is wrong. Give the Mayor of Bulawayo space to act for the collective just as is the case in Harare. Very few people know Harare deputy mayor not because he doesn’t work but coz he knows his place. Mayor Gomba is doing well as a result. Order comrade!”

Kambarami courted storm after he illegally suspended Town clerk Christopher Dube in the absence of Mayor Solomon Madlala Mguni.

Source – Byo24