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Policeman shot outside ZEC Commissioner’s house hours after ConCourt election petition ruling

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A policeman guarding Qhubani Moyo of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been shot and injured at the commissioner’s house.

Moyo told the media last night that he was not in a position to comment on the matter promising “to talk to you tomorrow as the situation is not good right now”.

He posted a message on his Facebook page expressing sadness over the shooting.

“Sad developments at my house where a member of the police protection unit is lying in a pool blood after gunshots. Motive unknown!!!.”

Moyo would not elaborate on the shooting.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Police Commissioner Charity Charamba said she was not aware of the shooting.

“I have not been informed about that (shooting),” said Charamba.

A few hours before the incident, Qhubani wrote on his Facebook page, “Thanks to the ConCourt for confirmation that ZEC ran elections in terms of the law. We always knew we were right & thanks to all who gave us support!!!”

The Constitutional Court on Friday dismissed with costs an election petition filed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa seeking to nullify results of the July 30 presidential election saying it lacked credible evidence.

The court said the MDC Alliance was supposed to get evidence from sealed ballot boxes instead of relying on unsubstantiated material said to have been derived from ZEC.

Some Zimbabweans following Moyo’s Facebook thread expressed sympathy over the shooting of the policemen while other claimed that the shooting may have been committed by suspected individuals linked to the ruling party.

Busani Maqumbeqaleke wrote, “Yu (you, Moyo) are not the one who made the ConCourt decision (ruling on MDC Alliance petition).”

Another Zimbabwean, Peter Khuboni Maseko, posted a message on Moyo’s Facebook page claiming that this was an inside job.

“But Q (Qhubani) you know better. It’s ZANU bafo (my brother). Killing is nothing for them and they can sacrifice their own and act victim. Now they want it to look like the Opposition lost in Con Court and are now attacking ZEC officials. Don’t trust the Junta … I hope you are safe … Remember your kind are worth nothing to ZanuPf as history has shown.

“(ZEC chairperson Priscilla) Chigumba is safe from, but you are disposable. Remember even up to today ZANU blames Nkomo and ZAPU for provocation and subsequent Gukurahundi Massacres. Stay safe. I feel sad for that officer who’s been attacked …”

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was not reachable for comment as he was not responding to calls. Presidential spokesperson George Charamba was not also not available for comment.