Zanu PF members in the UK have described as barbaric the attacks on government officials led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Sibusiso Moyo in London yesterday, urging the opposition MDC’s leadership to stop encouraging its supporters to commit acts of terror.

In a statement, the members of the revolutionary party said the government should not lose focus in light of the provocation by members of the opposition MDC, which they said was meant to derail the government re-engagement efforts.

“As Zanu PF members based in the UK, we condemn these barbaric attacks on government officials by these MDC people who are seeking to derail the country’s re-engagement efforts by provoking the government and Zanu PF members to react to this provocation. We will not be baited but rather we will stand firm and focused on that which we want to achieve, a well-developed Zimbabwe through a revived, strong economy,” read the statement.

The Zanu PF members said they have no problem with fellow Zimbabweans in opposition holding peaceful protests but are concerned by the way and timing of the protests.

“Time and again, we have known and seen that MDC members have never been peaceful protestors. What they have done in the UK now is just bringing their violent behaviour to London. It is very sad to witness our own fellow Zimbabweans going to this length just to scupper economic revival efforts that the government has embarked on for selfish reasons,” the statement also read.

The Zanu PF members said the culprits should be made to account for their idiotic behavior, adding that the MDC leadership should condemn these appalling actions by their followers.

Minister Moyo and the Zimbabwean Ambassador to the UK, Mr Christian Katsande were saluted for their sterling work in promoting Zimbabwe as destination of choice for British investors and also Zimbabweans in the UK.

In his keynote address at Chatham House yesterday, Dr Moyo said Zimbabwe is not only open for business but is now in motion towards being an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

He urged all Zimbabweans to speed up that process by maintaining peace, working together for the development and success of the country. – ZBC