Chamisa should leave for Syria if he is serious with causing violence

U.S., UK, France strike Syria

Churches and Civil Society Forum chairperson Anglistone Sibanda has blasted MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa for his confrontational attitude and has urged the firebrand opposition chief to make a conscious effort to exchange the pulpit for the battlefield, NewZimbabwe reported.

In his comments, Pastor Sibanda had said Chamisa should instead leave for Syria if he was serious with causing violence.

Syria has been torn apart by a civil strife since the famous Arab Spring of 2011 which ousted some leaders in Arab countries.

“It is on record that the MDC president Nelson Chamisa who is also a pastor like me has been threatening that the citizens must rise up and remove the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We are saying to him, violence does not build a nation; if he wants war, he should resign from being a pastor and go to Syria,” Sibanda told journalists at the time.

Source – newzimbabwe