Chamisa Says He Will Not Tell People To Demonstrate

MDC president, Nelson Chamisa, said that Zimbabweans do not need him to call for a demonstration against the continued deterioration in the country’s economy.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday, Chamisa said:

People don’t need Chamisa to tell them that the situation at home is unbearable. People don’t need Chamisa to tell them that medical bills are almost beyond the reach of many. Relatives are dying; friends are dying on account of a situation.

We don’t need a signal under those circumstances. The economy itself is a signal that we must do something and what we must do must be peaceful and constitutional and the Constitution has self-correcting mechanisms; a mechanism of ensuring where government or people who call themselves leaders are not performing are brought to account and that is what Zimbabwe must do.

Meanwhile, the government has warned future protestors that it will not hesitate to use the army to quell any civil disobedience.

Addressing a gathering of war veterans and war collaborators in Gweru over the weekend, deputy minister of Defence, Victor Matemadanda said:

The Constitution that we wrote together allows us to send soldiers and they don’t use minimum force; they don’t know it — they are trained to kill so be forewarned and stay at home lest you be caught in the crossfire: so run away when protests start.

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