Australia Calls On Political Parties and Security Forces To Work For Peaceful Progress

A soldier fires shots towards demonstrators, on August 1 2018, in Harare, as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the country's election. Protests in Zimbabwe's historic elections turned bloody on August 1 as a man was shot dead during demonstrations over alleged vote fraud and the president appealed for calm. The man died after soldiers fired live ammunition during opposition protests in downtown Harare, AFP reporters saw. / AFP PHOTO / Zinyange AUNTONY

Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bronte Moules has called on political parties, stakeholders and the security services to work together to maintain peace in the country. This follows violent demostrations on the streets of Harare by opposition supporters on Wednesday. Three people were gunned down and several others injured after the army was deployed to quell the protest. Writing on Twitter, Moules said,

The Australian Embassy expresses its serious concern about the violence which occurred on 1 August, and extends our condolences for the tragic loss of life. We urge all parties, stakeholders and security forces work for peaceful progress at this critical point in Zimbabwe’s history.