Army plot to crush MDC protests condemned

Oppah Muchinguri

The announcement by the Minister of Defence Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri that the army is on standby to crush any antigovernment protests has been condemned by political analysts.

Professor Jonathan Moyo said, “So the Defense Forces (ZDF,created in the constitution to defend the people) has morphed to Zimbabwe Attack Forces (ZAF, usurped to attack the people). Evidence of the coup and military rule.”

The statements by Muchinguri follow those of ZANU PF Youth League Boss Pupurai Togarepi who warned that those pushing for protests should know the youths are ready for them.

“We hear some are calling for confrontation to achieve selfish political ends. However we take the treasonous threats to remove a democratically elected President seriously. Those pushing for confrontation should know that we are very vigilant.” Togarepi warned.

South Africa based political analyst Fortune Mlalazi told this publication that the statements by Muchinguri were unfortunate and must be condemned.

“It is very sad to see that Mnangagwa’s government is a government of hypocreites who indicate left and turn right.” Said Mlalazi. “They claim t be a new dispensation yet we are seeing the same old brutal tactics of the Mugabe regime continuing.

“When you hear a Minister announcing that they are going to use treasured national instrument called the National Army crush members of a political party who want to exercise section 59 of the constitution to demonstrate and petition. The statements shows very clearly that we are under a military dictatorship that survives on unleashing crackdown on its citizens.”

Mlalazi added that ZANU PF has always relied on the army to crush opposition.

“Since Gukurahundi till the recent January army killings, it is clear that the party survives on pilling the blood of innocent citizens using the army. We call upon all peace loving democrats in the world to assist Zimbabweans in solving the national question.”

Source – Byo24News