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Zimbabwe Commences Railway Network Upgrades to Modernize Infrastructure

Flelix Mhona
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HARARE, Zimbabwe – In a significant move to modernize the nation’s infrastructure, work has commenced on repairing Zimbabwe’s railway network.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona informed the National Assembly on Wednesday, emphasizing the government’s commitment to revamping the country’s rail system as part of the national vision.

Minister Mhona addressed recent concerns over accidents at railroad crossings, which occurred due to public misconceptions that the railway lines were non-operational. He reassured both Parliament and the public that, despite the deterioration, the railway network remains largely functional.

“Our infrastructure has indeed been poor and dilapidated, but I want to assure this Parliament and the country at large that our railway lines are still very much intact. Our tracks are in use. However, 10 percent of our tracks require attention, and we are diligently working to address those areas. It will take time, but it is our Government’s objective to fully revamp our tracks,” Mhona stated.

The minister highlighted ongoing efforts to repair specific sections of the railway system, noting significant progress on the Machipanda to Manicaland route. “We are nearing completion on the Machipanda-Manicaland section. There are 10 kilometers of tracks that have deteriorated, and we are working to restore them in collaboration with a company from Mozambique. This restoration is crucial for us as a land-locked country to maintain access to vital ports like Beira and Maputo,” he explained.

Additionally, Mhona announced imminent work on the Harare-Chitungwiza railway line. “We are partnering with the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED) to upgrade the Chitungwiza–Harare tracks. Soon, we will begin work on this route to enable residents of Chitungwiza to commute to the city by train. This service will also be extended to Norton and Ruwa,” he said.

Minister Mhona also outlined future plans to construct new railway lines aimed at facilitating the transport of commodities, particularly minerals. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to enhance the efficiency and reach of Zimbabwe’s rail transport network.

The commencement of these projects marks a pivotal step in Zimbabwe’s efforts to modernize its infrastructure, ensuring safer and more reliable transportation for its citizens and fostering economic growth through improved connectivity.

Source: New Ziana