Winky D Weighs Up Contesting In The 2023 Parliamentary Elections

Winky D

Zimdancehall sensation Wallace Chirimuko, popularly known as Winky D said that corrupt activities perpetrated by politicians as well as authorities’ failure to provide basic services for the general citizenry have made him consider running for a parliament seat in the 2023 elections.

While speaking before his legion of fans over the weekend at the Harare gardens, the ‘Gaffer’ said

If I say I don’t like corrupt activities, is that being political? If I say I want clean tap water in my ghetto, is that politics?

Anyway, now that I did not contest in this year’s election and with our demands failing to be addressed, should I take matters into my own hands and contest during 2023 elections.

But, will you vote for me?

Source: Pindula

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