New Parliament building on schedule

Construction of the new Parliament Building is on schedule and expected to be completed by March next year. Yesterday, President Mnangagwa toured the construction site in Mt Hampden, just outside Harare, and expressed satisfaction with the progress.

He said Zimbabwe will continue to work closely with China to modernise and industrialise the country’s infrastructure and will not be deterred by those who speak ill about Harare and Beijing’s cordial relations.

“Those countries that speak against our good relations with our friends have done nothing except impose sanctions on us.
“We know the responsibility for the modernisation and growth of our economy rests with us and then seek assistance from those who are willing to support our programme of modernisation and industrialisation.

“We are happy to see the progress achieved here. In fact, I am so amazed by the amount of progress at each visit, which Shanghai Company and the workers have achieved. In a very short period of time since we were last here about five months ago it has been a tremendous success.”

The funding and construction of the imposing structure is being done by the Chinese government.
The President chronicled mega deals that have been consummated between Harare and Beijing, which include the Zimbabwe National Defence University, Kariba South Hydro power project and Hwange Thermal Power Station’s units 7 and 8, among others.

“I can go on and on, mentioning mega deals completed or in progress done by our friends and those that are in the pipeline. But you will find that our detractors will minimise that support. Fortunately, both we in Government and the party (Zanu-PF) and general leadership in this country, we fully know and appreciate and are grateful about that relationship,” said President Mnangagwa.

Chinese deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Zhao Baogang said construction would be completed within the agreed time.
“We can see that great achievement has been made. It is all attributed to the hard work of those workers, Chinese and Zimbabwean workers and the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

“The new Parliament Building is the largest project in a single country in Africa aided by the Government of the Republic of China in recent years. According to the contract, the construction duration shall not exceed 32 months, which means the project shall be completed in March 2021,” said Mr Zhao.

“The construction is making good progress, and that they will complete the concrete structure very soon is a major milestone. The project will be completed on schedule. It is a reflection of our good bilateral cooperation.”

The President was accompanied by Vice Presidents Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda, Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo and other Government officials.

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