National Assembly adjourns over sanctions debate

The National Assembly was prematurely adjourned yesterday after Zanu-PF legislators objected to MDC-Alliance representative for Harare East Mr Tendai Biti contributing to the anti-sanctions debate, arguing he was an interested party after going abroad canvassing for the embargo.

The motion calling for the removal of the sanctions was moved by Robson Nyathi and was seconded by Makonde representative Kindness Paradza.

In his motion, Nyathi said the sanctions were a guise by Western countries to effect regime change.
“The Western countries are masking their illegal regime change agenda under the guise of targeted sanctions.
“The so-called targeted sanctions have brought untold suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans through de-industrialisation resulting in high levels of unemployment, among many other economic challenges,” said Nyathi.

He added that the sanctions had affected all spheres of economic and social services in Zimbabwe through skills flight and had retarded development in the last two decades.

Seconding the motion, Paradza echoed similar sentiments saying the generality of the population had suffered under sanctions.

“I would like to thank Sadc for standing in solidarity with Zimbabwe against the sanctions that have brought suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans.

“The sanctions have affected vital sectors of the economy and are responsible for the economic decline in the country. The country should promulgate laws that punish those who call for imposition of sanctions . . .” said Paradza.

Zanu-PF Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi also slammed legislators that have canvassed for sanctions against Zimbabwe.

“We have learned Honourable members in here who go about calling for the imposition of sanctions against the country.

“We should have a law that punishes such people who are no different to terrorists,” said Cde Togarepi.

When Mr Biti rose to debate, Torerai Moyo then objected arguing that Mr Biti was an interested party, resulting in chaos in the chamber forcing the adjournment of the House.