Mudenda not fit to lead Parliament

MDC Chief whip Innocent Gonese has categorically laid complaints against Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda.

Speaking in Parliament during the debate on parliamentary privileges hon Gonese said he felt that his rights and privileges as an honorable MP were infringed upon by Jacob Mudenda who is presiding over the house in a partisan manner.

Hon Gonese gave an example of Hon Kucaca Phulu the MP for Nkulumane who wasn’t recognised by the Speaker while he chose colleagues from the ruling party.

Hon Gonese stated that Hon. Mudenda must be impartial as other presiding officers across the globe, he also stated that in some countries parliamentary presiding officers resign from their political parties so that they maintain impartiality.

Jacob Mudenda has come under fire several times for different issues in and out of Parliament. While the President of the Republic has also bemoaned the lack of slow progress in legislative reform, a blame which has been laid squarely on Jacob Mudenda’s shoulders in his capacity as presiding officer of the legislative House.

Source – Byo24