MPs Fume Over Govt’s Failure To Buy Them Cars

Temba Mliswa

Members of Parliament demanded that the government priorities the purchase of their vehicles. They expressed anger on what they called the ministers’ lavish foreign trips whilst everyone else is expected to exercise austerity.

The MPs demanded an explanation from the minister of finance, Mthuli Ncube. Ncube tried to assure that the MPs’ concerns will be taken care of in due course. Ncube said

There is no lavish travel and lavish living when ministers go abroad, and one of my priorities, when I announce the 2019 National Budget, will be to cut government spending.

That is why I said MPs and ministers’ vehicles should wait for now. In terms of vehicles for MPs, those will be taken care of in the fullness of time, and we are aware that MPs have a lot of work to do.

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