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MPs berates Minister Ncube as he finally steps into parliament

Zimbabwe finance minister Mthuli Ncube presents his budget statementon November 22, 2018 in Harare.
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FINANCE Minister Mthuli Ncube finally walked into parliament Tuesday, igniting celebrations from MPs who felt the elusive Treasury boss owed them a lot of explanation on the current economic tailspin characterised by endless fuel queues.

Ncube rarely attends to parliament business due to his “busy schedule”.

However, a stalemate arose as MDC members demanded that he takes the occasion of his rare appearance to say something about the economy.

MPs who demanded his address feared Ncube may not return to the house this Wednesday, a day they are given an opportunity to question ministers on policy matters.

Firebrand MDC MP for Mbizo, Settlement Chikwinya admitted Ncube was too busy to come to parliament more often but said it was not going to be wise to let go of him given his rare appearances in the august house.

“Honourable Speaker Sir, Honourable Mthuli Ncube has not been coming to Parliament. We understand that he is a man of a busy office and we have come to understand and respect his situation,” Chikwinya said.

“Last week, many MPs were pointing to his office for failure to deliver.

“Energy Minister Jorum Gumbo (now former) promised that fuel was there in Mabvuku but it was the Finance Minister whose responsibility it was for bringing the fuel from Mabvuku tanks to the people.

“…I am delighted to see him in this parliament. We are a parliament which derives power from the people and therefore, our people are anxious to know when fuel will come from Mabvuku not to the fuel stations but to their tanks.

“We cannot allow this house to be adjourned when the Minister is finally here. We want him to brief the Parliament on the fuel situation.

There was commotion for a while over the issue as MPs from both sides argued over the matter and the acting speaker at the time ruled that Ncube make his ministerial statement on Wednesday.