MP want MDC further punished for not recognising Mnangagwa

Dextor Nduna

Zanu PF legislator for Chegutui Dexter Nduna has pleaded with the speaker of parliament to extend the punishment for MDC legislators who continue to refuse to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Speaking in the house, Nduna said the speaker had made a ruling on the issue of those that do not recognise Mnangagwa.

“It is my thinking that may you make a ruling today that until such time that we have recognition by the members of the other party of His Excellency the President Cde. E. D. Mnangagwa who is the First Secretary of ZANU PF and the President of this country, if there has not been any formal recognition, I ask that the Committees that are chaired by the opposition have temporary chairpersons – by people that recognise His Excellency the President,” he said.

“It puts me in an invidious position to attend a Committee that is chaired by somebody who does not recognise my President. As a party, Zanu PF, it is actually very dangerous for us and for me in particular to attend a Committee that is being chaired by somebody who does not recognise my principal. I will give an example, where I come from in the Public Accounts Committee, there is an ex-officio Member of Parliament who is the Auditor-General who sits and guides our operations.”

He said the Chair of that Committee, naturally they recognise the Auditor-General’s report and by inference,they  are recognising somebody who is an appointee of the President but they then fail as the opposition to recognise His Excellency that on its own is quite ‘ultra vires the operations and ethical conduct of Parliament and Parliamentarians.

“I ask therefore …that you make a ruling that until there is recognition of His Excellency by the Chairpersons of the opposition, there be temporary chairpersons put in place for the sole reason of progress. Those chairpersons must be persons coming from the party that recognises the President. I ask that today, here and now, you make a ruling,” he said.

“People of Chegutu West Constituency and those of the majority Zanu PF – – they asked that you make a ruling.”

However, MDC legislator Willas Madzimure in reaction to Nduna’s remarks he said he should go for a hearing because he stole money from ZINARA, he is a thief.

The speaker of the house said Nduna’s remarks were heard but was not able to give a ruling on the issue.

Source – Byo24