Mliswa Says He Was Threatened By Minister Nzenza’s Husband

Temba Mliswa

Norton House of the National Assembly, Temba Mliswa (Independent) said that he was threatened by Public Service Minister, Sekai Nzenza’s husband.

Mliswa revealed this in Parliament on Wednesday and demanded to know what action Parliament will take since the threats were issued while he was discharging his duties.

Mliswa has been at the forefront in demanding the Nzenza releases the NSSA Audit report. He said:

I rise to have this House record that on Monday I received a message from Adam Shent who sent me a message and said, ‘Can you please call, regards’ and I did not and I said, ‘who are you, sir?’ He said, ‘I am Sekesai Nzenza’s husband who you have been defaming.

He then went on to say that, ‘you are such a blowhard. Sure, Sekai is my wife but I support her 100 per cent. The fact that you even mentioned bedroom issues shows what a cheap sexist dog you are, who feel mortally threatened by a strong independent good looking woman’.

I want to know what action Parliament will take because we are discharging our duties as Members of Parliament and we are being threatened. I want to know the course of action Parliament will take?

In response, deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, William Mutomba, said that he had taken note of Mliswa’s point of privilege and that it will be looked into.

Nzenza has been dragging her feet for several weeks, however, she released the report on Thursday.

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