Mliswa Accuses ZANU PF MP Of Illicit Affair With Parliament Staffer

Mr Temba Mliswa

Independent legislator for Norton Constituency, Themba Mliswa has sensationally accused ZANU PF MP for Gokwe Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena of having an affair with a married parliament staffer.

In a series of Tweets directed at the ZANU PF legislator, Mliswa said

Mayor Justice Wadyajena did you not cause a fight at Amber Mutare? So you were two-timing Hon. Melody Dziva with her ‘friend’, married Zenda-Mudzvova (Committee Clerk, Youth)? During a workshop kuMakomo they clashed at your room when they discovered they were sharing a man and a nasty fist fight ensued.

Worse is that neither unfortunate lady is your wife! Doesn’t dating a Clerk have the propensity to breed collusion and compromise the committee? How do u think her husband felt? Let alone the adulterous behaviour. Wadyajena denies this if you will as this one will stand in court.

You were a person I thought highly of and felt had a lot of potentials but now I see why even your own Party can’t elevate you and you will never be a Minister. If challenged to produce the Reg books of the flashy cars you drive around, what will one see? But that is for another day.