Cabinet has resolved that section 40 recognises civil partnerships be removed from the Marriages Bill.

This came out of the post cabinet briefing which is underway in Harare.

There has been pandemonium regarding the import of the Marriages Bill, (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill”) which was approved by the Cabinet in 2017. After spirited efforts by every person in Zimbabwe cabinet ordered the offending section 40 to be scrapped.

Cabinet resolves that section 40 recognises civil partnerships be removed from the Marriages Bill.

“In light of our own Cultural and Christian values #Zimbabwe Cabinet resolved that it be removed.” – Attorney General, Prince Machaya said after the cabinet sitting today.

While the bill as a whole carried good intentions some uncultured unknown person introduced section  40 which was pervasive. It allowed partnership outside marriage by both parties. It went further to give the side kick rights into the property which was acquired during the subsistence of the marriage. This meant that prostitute who had one night stint could claim benefits from the matrimonial properties. This was repulsive and the Zimbabwean populace was shocked. Although the bill has some good sections it was the devils moth piece.

Its main objectives are highlighted in the preamble but protest has been raised regarding this particular object – the recognition of civilpartnerships.

Sentiments expressed in the mainstream and social media suggest that the Bill is a threat to the very existence of the marriage institution, particularly the rights flowing from the civil marriage sanctioned under the Marriage Act [ Chapter 5:11], which is monogamous.

Further argument has been suggested that it affords rights and protection to “concubines” or “small houses”thereby eroding the monogamous nature of the civil marriage and would result in ladies or men targeting rich spouses for personal enrichment. It again eroded the significance of Marriage on the country.

Religious organisations had launched unrelated attacks on the bill there was no church service which ended without giving a scathing attack to the bill.

The cabinet considered that even some foreign cultures will frown at such obscene section.
We were to experience the attack on the institution of marriage in our lifetime.

In a show of sanity and cultural awareness the cabinet shot down the offending sections steering the nation back to its cultural pride.

Contacted for comment Admire Masango a prominent Harare lawyer said” sanity has prevailed the bill was contra bonos mores. That is it was contrary to public morals ” Mr Masango stated that the section was an insult to any legal brains and wondered who was so genius to redefine moral vulgar in a bill.

The cabinet ordered the minister to remove the section without amending it.