Legislators wants special allowances for rural constituencies

ZANU PF MP for Umzingwane, Levi Mayihlome has called on government to avail special allowances for rural constituency legislators he said faced more travel costs while attending to parliamentary business than their urban counterparts.

Mayihlophe was speaking in parliament this past week.

“The issue concerns rural constituency Members of Parliament,” said the Retired Brigadier General turned lawmaker.

“Compared to their counterparts, particularly Harare Constituency MPs, rural constituency MPs have to travel up to 700kms every weekend to their constituencies.”

Mayihlome added, “Friday and Sunday are travelling days to and from Harare. So, they (rural MPs) only have one day per week to attend to their constituency issues whereas their counterparts, particularly in Harare are able to attend to their constituency issues on a daily basis.

“It is my humble request that rural MPs be given a special allowance for this difference between the rural and urban constituencies.”

On his part, National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda said he was going to refer the matter to parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders committee for consideration.

“…Yes that affects the rights and privileges of Members of Parliament…let that matter be referred to the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders,” Mudenda said.