Legislator calls for closure of public markets

HWANGE West legislator Godfrey Dube (MDC Alliance) has called for the closure of public markets in Victoria Falls following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Zimbabwe has recorded three positive COVID-19 cases, with one of them, journalist Zororo Makamba, succumbing to the virus on Monday.

Dube urged people in Victoria Falls to adhere to instructions given by health officials in an effort to prevent the spread of the scourge.

Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe’s premier resort town, which usually sees an influx of tourists from around the globe who come to marvel at the mighty falls, one of the world’s seven wonders.

Dube’s calls came after the Victoria Falls Residents Association made a passionate call for residents to desist from conducting businesses which put their lives at risk of contracting the

“Fellow citizens, in reference to the statement issued by the Victoria Falls Residents Association concerning COVID-19, may I also add my voice to that, it is true and undisputed that we are faced with this virus, our lives are in danger as Victoria Falls, hence let’s take all precautions as advised,” he said in a

The legislator pleaded with the residents to work together and oblige with directives from authorities.

“May I humbly appeal to you that should we get to a point of closing our work places like flea markets, kindly co-operate as responsible residents,” he said.

Dube said they were still in talks with government as to what could be done concerning such places, which now provide a source of livelihood to many families.

“We are still in discussion with the government to consider shutting down certain areas. Parliament has shut down, we can’t gather anymore. Please Hwange West, let’s co-operate,” he said, adding if the situation did not change in the next few days, most places would have to be shut down.

Meanwhile, the legislator urged residents and corporates wishing to donate to hospitals to take their donations directly to the institutions where they were needed.

“As Victoria Falls, let us take the lead and those who want to assist our health institutions kindly take your donations directly to the hospital. They need assistance. May I also thank those who have already donated. Let us be united in fighting this monster,” Dube

The first COVID-19 case was recorded in Victoria Falls and the patient is in self-quarantine at his home where he is reportedly recovering well.