Economic crisis: Legislators feel the heat

Legislators are failing to visit their constituencies because of inadequate fuel as well as failure by Parliament to pay their sitting allowances on time due to economic hardships.

The legislators said they were also failing to access healthcare services despite their money being deducted by the Premier service Medical aid society (PsMas).

Rushinga MP Tendai Nyabani said: “in the past year, honourable MPs expressed their concern regarding their welfare and you said that as honourable members, we are responsible for formulating policies and we compiled our grievances.

“We do not know the current position, considering that it is almost a year, are we going to be getting our benefits or what?”

He added: “Furthermore, regarding sitting allowances, we were told that we were attending particular days, but we do not know how these monies are being given to honourable members. They come regularly, but these monies are not clear.

“There is also PsMas which is taking a larger chunk of our earnings and you are left with nothing. even when you go to a hospital, you discover that some hospitals do not take PsMas despite the fact that the stop order is being done. it seems as if they do not know what they are doing.”

Nyabani pleaded with speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda to urgently address their grievances.

“Through you Mr speaker sir, may you assist so that they are able to go to their constituencies? in rushinga for example, it is 120km and i am in a boundary to the next constituency which is around 200km.

“At times we do not have enough fuel to reach our constituencies. so regarding fuel and allowances, let me thank you in advance, believing that you will assist your Hon Members.”

Mudenda said: “You are supposed to talk about a particular issue, but you were mixing up your issues and it became a mixed bag. so i would request the Clerk of Parliament to look at the Hansard and then we will respond to you tomorrow after going through the Hansard.”

Source – newsday