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Chiredzi South MP Joel Sithole Faces Cold Reception at Constituency Event

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Chiredzi, Zimbabwe – Chiredzi South MP Joel Sithole experienced an awkward moment last week during a ground-breaking ceremony for an irrigation project in Malipati, organized by Sustainable Agriculture Technology (SAT).

The event highlighted a disconnect between the MP and his constituents, who appeared unengaged and indifferent during his speech.

As Sithole rose to address the gathering, the villagers did not follow the traditional Zanu-PF practice of ululating and clapping in respect. Instead, they remained silent and showed little interest throughout his remarks. Sensing the lack of enthusiasm, Sithole attempted to appeal to the crowd by reminding them of his importance and his role as a representative of President Mnangagwa. “Vanamai ko pururudzaika (Please ladies, ululate for me),” Sithole pleaded, directing his request to the women present.

The villagers’ disinterest was noted by observers, and when asked for their thoughts, one villager attributed the cold reception to Sithole’s frequent absence from the area. “Sithole is always absent,” the villager remarked, suggesting that the MP’s lack of presence in his own constituency had eroded his support.

Efforts to reach Sithole for a comment were unsuccessful, as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Adding to the MP’s challenges, another villager expressed a preference for the former MP, retired Brigadier General Calisto Gwanetsa. This sentiment indicates lingering loyalty to Gwanetsa, further complicating Sithole’s relationship with the local community.

The incident at Malipati underscores the difficulties Sithole faces in reconnecting with his constituency and highlights the importance of consistent engagement with the electorate.

Source – The Mirror