Will Thabo Mbeki deliver a genuine political dialogue?

habo Mbeki, Robert Mugabe, and overstaying in power

Has Zimbabwe become a country where it always have disputed election results and thereafter South Africa comes in to mediate a political dialogue?

The visiting of former South African President Thabo Mbeki  to Zimbabwe has raised more hopes to a battered economic and political decay which has seen the country grappling to stand on its own.

I believe Thabo Mbeki is an experienced and matured political mediator but he represents the past whilst President Emmerson Mnangagwa also represents the past. When is this generation going to map it’s way forward? Are Zimbabweans ready for this political discourse? Are they going to get a fair deal different from what Mbeki gave them previously  when he mediated between the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirayi and Zanu PF  Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Thabo Mbeki must come in as a genuine political negotiator and avoid taking sides. There is an economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe which has dented and damaged the image of the nation. Though I do not trust him anymore, his presents in Zimbabwe now confirms that all is not well in the camp hence his visit to broker between the two political giants.

I really know Thabo Mbeki from his past experience when he danced with the late  leader Morgan Tsvangirayi and the  late former President Robert Mugabe.

Is this going to be a true and credible political dialogue. Will the people of Zimbabwe strongly agree with this set up?

Is Thabo Mbeki not  selling another dummy to Nelson Chamisa? Let’s hope whatever dialogue to be brokered by him,  will be a genuine, credible and sound dialogue where the country should move forward smoothly.

Inasmuch as the country needs this political settlement, from another view there are still debris and blocks to be cleared and removed before a strong political dialogue is laid  down. The ground must be even with all the conditions necessary for the growth of the talks to be fruitful.

Again questions keep on coming right at the middle of the road. Is he the right person to rely on and trusted to break the standing political ice. Thabo Mbeki has been dining with Zanu PF for a very long time as they come from the same political ideology. His history is littered with so much evidence on his “Quiet Diplomacy”. He said the was no crisis in Zimbabwe when actually last year people were killed.

The dialogue must be productive and meaningful so that it will produce the necessary results and set the bar up for future references.

It’s unfortunate that some politicians are driving their personal agendas and missions. They have insatiable political appetite to grab positions because of their dwindling political careers.

Mbeki also met MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe and other opposition officials Lovemore Madhuku, Priscilla Misihairabwi and Lucia Matibenga.

We cannot chose to ignore such innuendos that this POLAD (Political Actors Dialogue) leaders have no people at all to talk about. We have other political commentators asking how many people are following these leaders and how  many votes have these leaders garnered in the last election and how many seats do they have in parliament.

This dialogue must usher in a new political fresh breath not this current toxic one which has been contaminated with a full blown political viral disease. Zimbabwe must rise above  this political mediocrity and redundancy. There is need to start talking of political reforms as the cornerstone of the strong political dialogue. The people cannot afford to be short changed for the second time with the same old operandi.

The opportunity is there for the opposition to play their cards right at their chest and avoid exposing their next move. The opposition is dealing with a double edged sword and  it must tread with caution. The future of the country is so bright if only Zimbabweans can charter their own destiny.

I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this dialogue is another political joke of the year because ot still stands on a shakey ground. People are yearnig for a people orientated dialogue well supported to pave way for Zimbabwe to build a very strong democratic space where the opposition will be treated as part and parcel of the governing arm and where freedom of expression is not hindered by security forces. Zimbabwe has the opportunity and potential to go back on the international community. We must first unite and remain united as a nation.

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