US fascist regime trying to bully Zimbabwe to cover up for its terrorism acts on black people

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Brian Nichols

The world has been gripped with shock and anger over the cold blooded murder of a black American man by the police while the other officers looked on with not even an effort to stop such inhuman and diabolic killing of an unarmed and handcuffed man. The killings of black people in America by the police has exposed the failure of the American government to practice what they preach. America’s effort to avoid accountability for the police brutality has done more harm than good for the trump regime. Attempts by America to cast blame on Zimbabwe of all the countries for causing demonstrations in America has triggered backlash, the so-called custodians of human rights have been caught pants down. The accusations of Zimbabwe by America and classifying it as an adversary of America is laughable.

Instead of sorting and healing the ills in American socio-political problems the country has turned to a familiar tactic, which is threat and bullying. Its diplomats in Zimbabwe chose to attack ZIMBABWE ON HUMAN RIGHTS records which are embellished. The American ambassador is demanding that the Zimbabwean government offer praises for the way they are handling the brutality issue and censor reports from America on the failures and threatening consequences if  their requirements are not met  in a very knee shaking way the embassy of America to Zimbabwe seem to be reading from the MDC script

The united states has continued to blame Zimbabwe and spread disinformation campaign against Zimbabwe to deflect blame on its human rights abuses and try to impose a managed international image. The biggest wonder is why Zimbabwe. A bully is described as an action in which one seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable

Because of its world supremacy America has created a bullying pulpit a phrase coined by Theodore Roosevelt referring to the national platform the presidency provides to shape public sentiment and mobilize action. The independent newspaper stated that “president trump and his cabinet uses the same bully pulpit as Roosevelt, except in his case bully is a noun signifying a person who intimidates and threatens others, his is a pulpit to turn enemies into a blood  the Independent has described Trump as ” he has governed like a bully taking stock of all terrified souls arrayed before him in the schoolyard” America has bullied Zimbabwe for a very long time. If Zimbabwe politely summonses the Ambassador to register their disquiet thy are bombarded with a Twitter feed vitriol. American Ambassador in Zimbabwe does not understand the solemnity of his office and believes that he is a big brother to our nation.

Regardless of our economic inferiority to America we are a sovereign state and we deserve sovereign respect. It is a shame that the whole ambassador does peddle conspiracy theories meant to tarnish Zimbabwe.  It is in America where soldiers have been put in the streets to dominate the peaceful demonstrators. It is very shocking indeed shocking that The American Ambassador n Zimbabwe covers his face with no shame and starts lecturing Zimbabwe on human rights.

Zimbabwe had not protested and not said anything about the injustice of American police on black people,  the American president Mr Trump has declared a state of emergency and declared a curfew  he has encouraged the police and the army to crush the demonstrations and arrest as many people as they can. This is nowhere near democracy.

The behaviour of the American ambassador to Zimbabwe was very unfortunate and indeed inhuman. Instead of taking the complaint of Zimbabwe in a diplomatic way the ambassador goes into overdrive blaming Zimbabwe for the death of Mr Floyd at the hands of white policemen. The American people are a pride to marvel as they unite in protecting against racism regardless of their colour. There is nowhere Zimbabwe can mobilise those millions in America and cause such a stare. Zimbabwe has no interest in disturbing other countries and our records stand aloof to be scrutinised

Brian A Nichols the ambassador exposed his sinister motives when he started reading from the MDC A’s script dwelling on the three MDC A women who have faked a kidnap  he did not mention that in his country any demonstration is met by the soldiers and not the police. We do not celebrate violence and in any circumstance, it is wrong to attack the police or attack innocent bystanders. But it is a pity that America celebrates violence by the Zimbabwean opposition while condemning the violence under their nose,

Mr Trump addressed the nation and emphasised the need for rule of law, there should be the same rules for every nation. One nation alone must not be allowed to protect its peace while encouraging unlawfulness in another country.

The statement by the American ambassador to Zimbabwe was unfortunate and he has proven to be a partisan active opposition activist. The Ambassador must do the right thing and withdraw back to America and Zimbabwe should be given an ambassador who is not biased and who is not on a mission to destabilise the nation.

America must deal with its domestic issues without issuing threats to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has suffered under the Americans for a long time it is high time that America must stop bullying the harmless nation

Source – Dr Masimba Mavaza