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Time to drive Mugabe, Grace and anything that is Zanu PF Out!!!

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Allow me to air my strong views in your paper. To say I am fed up with Mugabe, Grace and anything that is Zanu pf, is an understatement. What is happening in Zimbabwe is an outrage.

By Alice Majola

I am very angry, bitter, and have completely gone mad with Mugabe, Grace and anything that resembles Zanu pf. The actions of Robert Mugabe are completely wrong and undemocratic and dictatorial. Mugabe has now acquired a reputation as one of the world’s most brutal dictators.

I am so infuriated because, I blame his repressive regime for driving our country into poverty. Mugabe is one of the world’s great tyrants. The past 37 years Mugabe and Zanu has oppressed, hoodwinked, and subjected the entire country to torture. I say so because over the years Mugabe has subjected all Zimbabweans to hunger and hunger does not discriminate it tortures children, the young, the youth, the middle aged and the old people. Mugabe and Zanu pf has robbed us our innate rights, Freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and above all the right to exercise our vote.  Mugabe has created a Police State in Zimbabwe which is an unwritten code of conduct for dictatorships eager to hang on to power. The liberation war was carried out because we wanted one man one vote and it is that fundamental right that Mugabe and his Zanu Pf thugs has now robed us. For how long are we going to continue being denied our rights?????

Mugabe and his Zanu pF cronies have stolen from Zimbabweans and looted our wealth so much so that even the government has failed to pay the civil servants. Grace goes on shopping spree and splashes on a $2milion dollar diamond ring. The simple question that we should ask as concerned Zimbabweans is, where did she get the money from???  Mugabe and Zanu pf has taken us for fools. If South Africans can confront Jacob Zuma about Inkandla surely as Zimbabweans we can also call our government to question.

Where has the African spirit (Ubuntu) gone when only a few are living luxurious lives, while our people are made to suffer? Mugabe, Grace and Zanu Pf are selfish, why are we even allowing them to run the elections which are rigged already. As we speak the results are in Tobaiwa Mudede’s office. Mugabe and Zanu Pf are taking us for fools. They have shown for the past 37 years that they will do every trick to win the elections, beat up the opposing and any descent, intimidate, murder, torture, rape, victimise and above all rig to win.

Mugabe and Zanu Pf have violated all the SADC charter, AU charter, UN charter EU charter Commonwealth to name only a few, so why are we keeping him in power after all he is illegitimate president because he has rigged and stolen the election since 2000. Mugabe is not supposed to be addressed as the President of Zimbabwe so as his loose morale wife, she is not the first lady of Zimbabwe and even if Mugabe had won elections she will not be first lady, because she does not have the qualities. I do not want to worst my time by mentioning her evil deeds I think they are well heralded.

Mugabe and his wife Grace are tyrants we consider are the worst of the worst. They are corrupt and engage in gross violations of basic civil, property, and political rights. They rule through violence and are subject to few, if any, constraints on their behaviour. As such, they have imposed significant costs on the Zimbabwean’s and have provide no benefits but pure misery to us.

So for us to completely respect them is out of question they have subjected us to mental and physical torture. We have been reduced to a nothing but suffering.  Girls as young as 9 years old are forced into prostitution, this should send a clear message to every Zimbabwean that we are being ruled by evil dictator who is heartless, he is spending over 2 million dollars per every trip to Singapore and god knows how many millions the obnoxious and loose moral Grace is spending per trip while we have our young girls trying to earn a living on our dangerous streets. This is a big signal to all Zimbabweans to drive Mugabe, Grace and anything to do with Zanu PF out of our government offices!!! Zimbabweans let us learn from the Arab springs, if Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, can do it surely we Zimbabweans are as capable as all of them., the Time to drive them out is now!!!!

ALICE MAJOLA a human rights activist!!