MDC wants to blame everyone for its defeats but never itself

The opposition has a much much bigger advantage over Zanupf. The current situation in Zimbabwe tilts the ground heavily in the oppositions favour.

By Stanley Goreraza

Zvinhu zvakatowomera Zanupf. They are not supposed to be winning elections and the opposition shouldn’t at all be losing! But that is what has and is obtaining.

According to the MDC, everyone else is to blame for this except themselves. They blame the birds, the trees and the ants. Havadi kunzwa kuti pane pavari kukanganisa. Even their supporters don’t want to hear of it unobva watonzi wakavenga Chamisa. Manje nyika ikazopinda mumaoko enyu pane chatinozogona kukuudzaiwo here kana kuku tsiurai?

Zanupf is actually handicapped but zvakadaro iri kurakasha MDC. Zanupf yaitwa chirema ne Economy asi chirema ichi chiri ku rova chagwindiri kuseri nekuseri.

It embarrassing to say the least. Zanupf is standing on one leg and with it kicking the MDC round house kicks, flooring them. They are not in politics for change or the people but for money making and that is the reason why they are not at all embarrassed by their losses to Zanupf.

Leaders mu opposition have also failed and most of them should do the honourable thing and step down.