‘ED is illegitimate’ MDC cherry picked – dogmatic folly holding nation to ransom

Mnangagwa in Parliament

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion on a given subject but when you doggedly hang on to the opinion regardless of the evidence to the contrary and even paddle the discredited opinion as truth; you are being dogmatic.

“The MDC and indeed our President’s stance remains very clear and unequivocal … ED is illegitimate Period,” reads the statement from MDC party spokesperson, Daniel Molokele.

“It remains our considered view as the people’s party that Zimbabwe still does not have a popularly elected President. The results of the 2018 Presidential elections as announced are definitely not a true reflection of the people’s electoral will.

“The MDC has no doubt that our own candidate, Advocate Nelson Chamisa was the outright and undisputed winner of the 2018 Presidential elections with over 2.6 million votes.”

MDC is not just being dogmatic but foolishly so!

Anyone with any democratic credentials worth a spit has dismissed Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections as a farce.

“The final results as announced by the Electoral Commission contained numerous errors and lacked adequate traceability, transparency and verifiability,” stated the EU Election Observer Mission final report.

“Finally, the restrictions on political freedoms, the excessive use of force by security forces and abuses of human rights in the post-election period undermined the corresponding positive aspects during the pre-election campaign. As such, many aspects of the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe failed to meet international standards.”

So if the Zimbabwe electoral process failed to meet international standards the results cannot be anything else but illegitimate. The subtle difference between EU and MDC’s position is that the former condemned both the parliamentary and presidential electoral races as illegitimate; MDC has endorsed the parliamentary race as legitimate and condemned the presidential race only. This is nonsense since the failure to produce a verified voters’ roll, for example, affects both races.

Even if one accept MDC’s position that the electoral process was fine up to the counting of the presidential votes. The party has failed to produce the supporting documentary evidence to support the claim Chamisa received 2.6 million. The judges in Constitutional Court challenge specifically asked for the evidence.

“Mr Mpofu (Chamisa’s lawyer) was also questioned on what percentage of the Presidential election result the V11 Forms (summary of polling station vote count) placed before the Court would constitute. Counsel was unable to answer the question,” reads the Constitutional Court Judgement.

“He said that the seven days within which the court application had to be lodged in terms of s 93(1) of the Constitution did not give the applicant enough time to fully collect relevant evidence that related to the validity of the Presidential election result that was declared.”

Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because the country has been ruled by a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship for the last 39 years. The party blatantly rigged elections to stay in power all these years. To get out of the mess, the country must first cure itself of this curse of rigged elections.

We need to implement the democratic reforms and dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorial powers to rig elections. And the surest way to get the reforms implemented is to force Zanu PF, the party and the president, to step down so we can appoint an independent body to implement the reforms.

Both the Zanu PF parliament and Mnangagwa must step down because they are all illegitimate. The half-way house MDC are asking for will mean a Zanu PF parliament playing a role in the body tasked to implement the reforms. No reforms will ever be implemented because Zanu PF will never ever reform itself out of office.

39 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and lawlessness have left Zimbabwe in economic ruins causing heart breaking human suffering and deaths. The nation’s very survival is now of the line; we needs to cure ourselves of this curse of rigged elections as a matter of urgency. It is therefore frustrating that it is none other than Zanu PF and MDC politicians who continue to hold the nation to ransom!

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