ConCourt: D-day for Zimbabwe

Chamisa and Mnangagwa

Zimbabweans across the country are anxiously waiting for the Constitutional court hearing tomorrow as they ardently follow the fate of their vote.

By Luke Tamborinyoka

Even Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and the entire global community have their eyes firmly trained on Zimbabwe as the courts deal with the electoral petition filed by the MDC Alliance Presidential Candidate, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

The nation is standing on a knife-edge, waiting for the judiciary to assert its independence by ascertaining the true verdict of the people in the just-ended election. President Nelson Chamisa has submitted mountains of evidence before the court that points to the fact that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission played a hand in subverting the sovereign will of the people who overwhelmingly voted for him in the just-ended presidential election.

The ball is now firmly in the hands of the courts.

From Chipinge to Kariba, from Victoria Falls to Mount Darwin and from Plumtree to Mudzi, Zimbabweans will tomorrow be patiently following developments at the Constitutional Court.

The nation overwhelmingly voted for President Nelson Chamisa, for transformation; for opportunities and for prosperity in the last election and they will not allow anyone to pilfer their vote.

Contrary to statements by Zanu PF’s Patrick Chinamasa that the MDC Alliance was intimidating the judiciary, it has turned out instead that war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda is instilling fear on the bench on the eve of the court case, threatening to use guns and bullets to protect Mnangagwa’s so-called victory.

Ironically, Zimbabweans waged a brutal armed struggle to protect the people’s right to vote and anyone who pilfers or pickpockets the people’s sovereign will, as ZEC and Zanu PF have done, is negating the very spirit of our liberation struggle.

Zimbabweans will protect their vote.

They are patiently waiting.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Director of Communications
Movement for Democratic Change

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