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Chamisa needs Mwonzora – My Opinion

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I have been reading and listening to comments from supporters of the MDC party since the day of the Supreme Court ruling, which declared Comrade Wamba an illegitimate leader of the MDC party and I discovered that most of the people are in denial or frustrated, but the truth is Douglas Mwonzora is liked and wanted by both the constitutionalists and the Wamba Dhiya followers.

By Etiwel Mutero

Never mind the baseless accusations leveled against Mwonzora that he was given money by Zanu PF to distabise Chamisa’s fame. It’s a false allegation which cannot be proven. It Is the same tactic used by Zanu PF since 1999 that the MDC is a Western sponsored party “haaa iparty yavarungu”and it worked for zanu PF for years to win the hearts of the rural populace, but it was cheap propaganda .Today Chamisa and his subjects uses the same method to discredit Mwonzora and other constitutionalists but the truth of the matter is, Mwonzora and other constitutionalists are men and women of principles.They won’t be side tracked from the path of democracy by a wave of populism and cheap propaganda.

Nevermind the assumption that Mwonzora ‘haadiwe’ people want Chamisa.Mwonzora haadiwe nani? People are not robots who are programmed to like Chamisa and programmed to hate Mwonzora.”Chamisa ane 2 million votes”. Akadziisa muhomwe here?

To win any election you have to campaign and sell your ideology and manifesto. I believe Zimbabweans are very clever. Zimbabweans know that principles matter over populism, that mature leadership matters over “jigisi” leadership, the rule of law and constitutionalism matters over disorder and lawlessness. Our God is a God of order according to my famous American author Ellen G.White.

We were told Mwonzora won’t be able to recall any MP from parliament but we know what happened with the four seniors. We were told Mwonzora won’t be able to take the Harvest House but we know who is operating from the bridge today. They are telling us come 2023 Mwonzora will be voted by his wife and her beautiful daughter only. Wait and see they will be shocked. Millions of Zimbabweans will vote for the true democratic party in 2023.

I usually debate with Nero’s supporters on Facebook and Whatsapp. You hear them saying ‘why is Mwonzora dividing the party,let him just support Chamisa’ My question is how can Mwonzora divide supporters if he is going to be voted by his wife and his beautiful daughter only? What the Nerorists know is Mwonzora has a following ,bigger than Chamisa’s.
Vanomuda Mwonzora kuAlliance but rest be assured that haachauyiko kumahumbwe kwenyu ikoko.

My advice to Wamba’s supporters is never make a fallacy of comparing 2018 elections with the 2023 elections.The scenarios are different.In 2018 people were moaning Tsvangirai, and they expressed their grief by voting Chamisa.Others were angered by the way Mugabe was removed from power. Through frustration they voted for Chamisa but in 2023 people will vote with sober minds, particularly knowing the true character of Chamisa. In my view he is an impostor ,chida ushe, a person who would grab power through hook and crook, and a person who doesn’t respect the laws and the courts.I can tell you sober minded people will vote for Mwonzora .

I don’t see any substance in supporting the fake MDC Alliance. Yes, the fake MDC Alliance because according to the Alliance agreement the leader of the Alliance must come from the MDC party but Chamisa akangonyuka. He is not coming from any party.They said they formed a new party last year in Gweru.

I bought my MDC party card in 2013 and it was written Movement for Democratic Change with no prefix or suffix.I never joined the Alliance thing.

Why must I support a Zinasu party? A party which rejects all mature people. I am afraid if this party gets into power all the elderly people will be killed. I joined a labour party not a G40 party no! Itai henyu zve G40 zvechi Zanu Zanu izvo!

We are moving forward with the struggle hatichauki until Zimbabwe is restored to democracy with our father Mwonzora tinosvika.