Chamisa absolutely right on new political party

Nelson Chamisa

What a week it has been. We hear the taxi driver was fired but he came out saying he was not fired. Saka toziva zvipi nhai vanhu veMasvingo kkkk. Mapombi is proud to be from Masvingo. I love this place and in case you didn’t know, everything starts here in Masvingo. The politics of this country is determined by Masvingo. Wezhira wezhara wezhowezha and the people’s paper, TellZim yepamoyo yoti Wezhira Wati Wahwei. TellZim makes it possible for Mapombi to come to you dear readers every week and I hope I find you all well so regai ndirudunure zvangu.

Can someone tell me what is happening in Zanu-PF. Lately there has been some confusing statements coming in related to the taxi driver. Ndinoreva Matemadanda. I am sure a lot of people are still in shock Matemadanda was fired from his position as the Zanu-PF national political commissar and deputy minister of Defense and War Veterans Affairs. No one knows the truth at the moment but what I can tell you is that anything is possible in Zanu-PF.

Zanu-PF cannot be owned by an individual and you can be kicked out anytime wakawarairwa. Hanzi Zanu-PF haikwani muhomwe memunhu. If Matemadanda happens to be fired, I think it serves him right and will go as a message to everyone else that you should not feel too comfortable on borrowed time. If Mugabe, who treated Zanu-PF like his private and personal enterprise, got kicked out who is Matemadanda to refuse. Let us make one thing clear though, Matemadanda was really good at what he did. A true political commissar par excellence. You can challenge me on this assertion if you want but love or hate the man, Matemadanda was a hardworking man. He had a lot of energy and balls to speak his mind. He is the man who stood up to Grace Mugabe’s bullying when it was not fashionable to do so. He told the all-powerful Grace that she should stop treating Zimbos like her own children.

Matemadanda was arrested and took a lot of punches for ED and I really find it difficult that he would be fired. Firing is not that you would have been kicked out of Zanu-PF but what these Cdes do is what the English call demotion by promotion. What promotion could Matemadanda possibly get which would be more powerful than the portfolio’s he has now? Rumour has it that he wants to be reassigned to Mozambique to be our ambassador there but we all know that Zanu-PF kana yoda kukurasa it will just give you a meaningless post like that of a diplomat. Our ambassadors are very pathetic and are often times forgotten and humiliated abroad over arrears like rent chaiyo. Kutonzwa kuti embassy yekuBritain yakavharwa due to unpaid rentals kkkk. So tell me how one can be promoted to such a mission achisiya huchi hwecommissariat and deputy minister plus MP.

We do not know the facts but the truth is that it is a dog eat dog fight in Zanu-PF. There is a cold war brewing and very soon we will get to know what is really going on. Rine manyanga hariputirwi. Remember what happened to the previous commissar Engelbert Rugeje kkkk. The man was as soft as wool for the commissariat post. He did not have any charisma at all and whenever he opened his mouth, everyone would be left uninspired. Commissariat posts needs mortar mouths like Matemadanda who speaks nonsense most of the time and create controversy. Rugeje was removed from the commissariat position because he had failed the 2018 primary elections test and we heard he was going to be reassigned but to date nothing came his way. That man was so unlucky and he keeps looking to the horizon for his reassignment which may never come. ED successfully got rid of Rugeje and the same fate may befall Matemadanda. The man drove taxis in Mozambique during the war and now they want to send him to be our ambassador.

We do not know and honestly Mapombi does not care. The best thing right now will be for Zanu-PF to just self-destruct so that we can start anew. Matemadanda said he was not fired and was doing his duties in his capacities as the commissar and deputy defense minister. Mapombi heard Matemadanda saying his alleged firing was just a social media creation meant to excite people for nothing. He said vana Chinamasa were his juniors kkkkk. Matemadanda vane moto chaiko. There is a huge dark cloud surrounding Matemadanda’s case. If it was true, Zanu-PF would have issued a statement through the spokesperson and if it were all lies Zanu-PF would again have issued a statement disputing the rumours. It is very confusing but what I want to tell you dear readers is that there are no permanent friends in politics but only permanent interests. Maybe there is something big in store for Matemadanda. Remember there is a vacancy left after VP Mohadi’s resignation. We may have a shock of our lives when VP Matemadanda get reassigned to that office kkkkk seka hako Mapombi. Hanzi kurota hakuna kushata.

Speaking of dreams, last night I had a dream about party inonzi People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA). I saw in spirit a young anointed man whose name was Nelson Chamisa leading it. Ndakaratidzwa pamweya party iyi ichitonga nyika ino kkkkkk. Maybe dzaingova zvadzo hope dzemunhu avatira mabanana akaora kuno kuchitima but I can tell you that it all looked real. There are reports filtering in that Chamisa has finally decided to get rid of the MDC name. Mapombi is informed that a new party name is on cards and the launch will be very soon. This is really good news and I applaud the young man for this bold move. At least he will leave vana mukoma Mwonzora with the MDC brand. This is what the people of Zimbabwe have been waiting for. There was no use in clinging to a name which has been abused like that. But I doubt Zanu-PF will ever let this project see the light of day kkkk. Remember only Zanu-PF is allowed to gather people for any function. The rest are restricted by Covid-19 regulations and if you are thinking about launching this party through a rally then forget it. Kune Covid-19 kkkkk.

I am not sure about the party name but like I said ndakarota zita rinonzi PDA. Whatever name you choose to use I do not care but as long as it is not the MDC Alliance or any MDC for that matter. Why give the enemy the pleasure to torment us like that all because of a name. Chamisa and his soon to be launched party will rise from the ashes like the phoenix. The electorate will now know what is going on. There was a lot of confusion on what the future holds for the biggest opposition movement in the country. It will however be difficult to erase the name machinja tichibvira the Chamisa team. The new party is the first step in the right direction for Chamisa. Nelson Chamisa is like Jack Bauer in the series 24 kkkkk. Bauer would simply not die no matter what you throw his way. Like Bauer, Chamisa has managed to weather all storms that came his way and he has been left standing. Famba Nero famba kkkkk. I can’t believe I just said that but it is the truth. Regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi for lunch but before I sign out, I want to encourage people to desist from being complacent during the Easter holidays. Tinopera neCovid varume. Let us remember the death and resurrection of Christ ndichiti muzita raBaba neremwanakomana neremweya unoera, Amen. Mapombi is out. Mboko imboko.[contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]

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