‘Zanu PF heading for split’ – Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Former ZANU PF politburo member, Temba Mliswa has predicted that the ruling party’s recent chaotic District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections will trigger or enhance divisions.

The Norton legislator (independent) said the party was likely to split in 2023, the year scheduled for the next harmonised elections. Below is Mliswa’s full Twitter thread.

Observations of a Political Commentator….

The @ZANUPF_Official DCC elections began from a problematic position. Structures weren’t in place, no cell/branch elections were conducted.

The DCCs were marred by impositions & accusations of anti-ED (anti-President Emmerson Mnangagwa), G40, Gamatox taunts were rife instead of convincing the people what one has to offer. People simply want to know what candidates will do to turn around the economy and to address their welfare.

The fissures are apparent& come 2023 this will be disastrous for the party. How do you call provinces people’s provinces when all the Chairs save for Chadzamira & maybe Matiza weren’t elected?
So you have a scenario where unelected Chairpersons appoint their own unelected persons who go on to impose people not in structures. It’s a horror!! I’d hate to be a @ZANUPF_Official leader in such a fiasco where gossiping & rumour mongering rule the day. You can never take somebody’s vote away from them.
They’ll keep it with them to your detriment.

More trouble and purging lies ahead & come 2023 they’ll be a split. In an area of 120 voters where only 20 vote can you say the will of the people has been encompassed? What about the other 100? The best thing @ZANUPF_Official can do is to nullify these elections & restructure.

The restructuring may commence from January 2021 beginning with the Cells then the Branches in February followed by District elections in March and Provincial in April, Central Committee in May with the Politburo being subsequently formed. That would be my advice.

For now, this is the worst crop of politicians I’ve seen in ZANU-PF, no ideology, nothing. What happened to the school of ideology or is just a facade?

The current people are totally devoid of orientation & contradict themselves… it’s a farce!