Opposition Scoff At Mugabe’s ‘Bedroom Reshuffle’, Say Shake Up Meant to Purge Grace’s Opponents

The late Zimbabwe President in the AU Chairperson's office

Opposition political parties have dismissed President Robert Mugabe’s imminent cabinet reshuffle, saying it was nothing but a “bedroom” affair meant to prepare Grace Mugabe for a takeover by firing those opposed to her.

They said instead of reshuffling the cabinet Mugabe must step down to save the country from 37 years of bondage as he and his wife Grace have become the main problem in Zimbabwe.

Rivals said there are no competent Ministers worthy keeping and the reshuffle will be used to crush a rival faction to that of his wife. The reshuffle, they said, was bad timing with only six months before the next general election.

Addressing Zanu PF Youth League members at the party’s headquarters in Harare Saturday, Mugabe said underperforming Ministers will face the axe, while others will be transferred to other portfolios.

There is already speculation that Grace herself could get a cabinet post.

“Mrs Mugabe could be a Cabinet minister by this time next week. There’ll be an interesting line-up of deputy ministers as Bob rewards allies,” wrote senior journalist, Brezhnev Malaba.

MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu said the reshuffle was “a joke that isn’t funny”.

“Instead of reshuffling his bloated cabinet Mugabe should reshuffle himself by immediately stepping down from office,” said Gutu.

“He is the simple and the biggest stumbling block to Zimbabwe’s long overdue socio-economic and political regeneration.”

He added, “The bulk of Mugabe’s cabinet including Mugabe himself are completely and utterly useless.”

“Most of those guys are not even good enough to run a small successful tuck-shop”.

His counterpart from MDC, Kurauone Chihwayi, said the Zanu PF administration is full of lazy, corrupt and incompetent people.

“In my view it is clear that this is Mugabe’s bedroom reshuffle meant to crush those opposed to his wife, this has nothing to do with performance but more to do with factional wars in the ruling party,” said Chihwayi.

“What will it help towards the 2018 general election will this resuscitate the ailing economy?”

From People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Jacob Mafume said April Fools Day comes every month for Mugabe.

“He should be reshuffling First Ladies, the performance of his Lady.”

ZAPU spokesperson Njobisa Noku asked how Mugabe could reshuffle deadwood.

“Some have been Ministers since 1980 and their performance is zero; what Zimbabwe needs is a fresh pair of legs devoid of Zanu PF tendencies to take it to the Promised Land.

“Zanu PF has failed to produce individuals that can steer this country out of the financial crisis.”

“Let’s not squeeze water out of a stone; the reshuffle is a non-event.” – NewsZim