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Opposition Leader Calls for Zimbabwe’s Commonwealth Re-entry

MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora attending Labour Party conference in the UK
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HARARE – The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance Douglas Mwonzora, has urged for Zimbabwe’s reintegration into the Commonwealth of Nations to boost the country’s economic prospects.

During a media briefing in Bulawayo over the weekend, Mwonzora emphasized that rejoining the Commonwealth would open economic opportunities and enhance trade relations with Western countries.

“We want Zimbabwe to rejoin the Commonwealth because it will open up and enhance trade for our country and, in fact, will open up all avenues. It will also help Zimbabwean students with attaining Commonwealth scholarships,” Mwonzora stated.

Zimbabwe was suspended from the Commonwealth in March 2002 following accusations against then-President Robert Mugabe of election rigging and persecuting political opponents. The suspension threatened to divide the Commonwealth along racial lines, but a compromise was reached at a summit in Nigeria, where a seven-nation panel was appointed to monitor Zimbabwe’s progress toward improved democratic values.

MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora and Tapiwa Mashakada attending Labour Party conference in London

When the Commonwealth refused to lift the suspension in December 2003, Zimbabwe withdrew from the organization. The country initiated the process of rejoining the Commonwealth in 2018, a few months after Mugabe was ousted in a military coup in November 2017. However, progress has been stalled due to ongoing human rights violations and a lack of rule of law in Zimbabwe.

Mwonzora expressed concern over the continued isolation of Zimbabwe, highlighting its negative impact on the nation’s economy and society.

“We do not subscribe to the international isolation of our country. We want to be integrated as well,” he said.

Mwonzora also extended his congratulations to Britain’s Labour Party on their recent electoral victory, calling it an inspiration for Zimbabwe.

The call for Zimbabwe to rejoin the Commonwealth underscores the ongoing debate about the country’s international relations and its efforts to rebuild its economy and global standing.